About Us

About The Dentist’s Choice

Ben and Jill Nafus, owners of The Dentist’s Choice #235 located in Bakersfield started their veteran owned Franchise business and incorporated in 6/28/2016 with a certification by the California Department of Goods and Services, Certification for Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise #2002637 since January 2017.

Since 1992, The Dentist’s Choice has been recognized as the largest network and the most definitive source for handpiece expertise in North America, with over 120 offices in the US and Canada.

What we do

We repair, rebuild and provide maintenance tips on all models of handpieces. We also repair slow speed motors, nosecones, contra angles, scalers, electric attachments, detachable heads and surgical handpieces and in most cases, repairs are completed, and the handpiece is on its way back to your practice within 24 hours from the time we receive your repair estimate approval, if requested. We use only OEM and top-quality components, and our service is backed by a minimum 90-day to 9-month warranty.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to listen and understand your handpiece needs and meet or exceed your expectations of us every time, no excuses, and no exceptions, we guaranty satisfaction with our work, and I believe we would be a valuable member of your team and give you peace of mind when it comes to making sure your handpieces are in top working condition. We also want to make sure you understand what you can expect from our services to you.

What TDC provides you

1. A self-addressed, traceable and postage paid shipping box. (For contingency and outlying areas)

2. We supply you with a see-through bag with blank work orders to keep track of your faulty handpieces until an arranged pickup. The bag will also be returned to your practice with your handpieces to include the invoice and blank work orders.

3. Same day pick-up within 30 miles. Wednesday is travel day to visit customers in outlying areas to include Fresno, Kings, and Tulare Counties.

4. Warranties on all repair work including parts and labor.

Our billing system

When you receive the handpiece back, it will be accompanied by an invoice. We do not expect you to drop what you’re doing and pay but we do ask that the invoice be paid within 30 days from date of receipt. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, so just call the office to make arrangements to pay by credit or debit card.

In conclusion

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can be of service to your organization, our goal is to provide a positive and cost saving service and provide you with timely turn arounds and informative communication.

What you need to do when a handpiece needs servicing

1. Complete the Work Order (send the white copy with the handpiece and keep the yellow copy for your records).

2. Call 661-535-8119 for a pickup, or to request a prepaid shipping label. Place the completed work order and hand-pieces in the black pouch provided by The Dentist’s Choice.

If shipping is preferred

3. Place the handpieces needing repair into the shipping box provided.

4. Mail the shipping box via US Postal Service (no postage is required with our label). Postal charges will be applied for return shipping.

5. Call us at 661-535-8119 and let us know the handpiece is on its way.

6. We will repair the handpiece for our normal overhaul charge (see attached price list) and always call you for express approval if the scope of service goes beyond the normal overhaul.

7. You should expect to receive the handpiece back to you within one week from the time it is received by us.

8. Upon receiving your handpieces they will be given a thorough inspection, and if requested, an estimate will be emailed to you with the inspection results and remedial actions needed to include cost of repairs.