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Pre-Paid Shipping Label

For your convenience, we provide a printable pre-paid shipping label that you can use to send in your dental handpieces that need repair or maintenance.

Pre-Paid Shipping Label Instructions:

  1. Call 661-535-8119 to request a prepaid shipping label.
  2. Complete the Work Order (send the white copy with the handpiece and keep the yellow copy for your records).
  3. Place the handpieces needing repair into the shipping box provided.
  4. Mail the shipping box via US Postal Service (no postage is required with our label). Postal charges will be applied for return shipping.
  5. Call us at 661-535-8119 and let us know the handpiece is on its way.

Dental Handpiece Repair Work Order Form

Below is a Work Order form for dental handpiece repair.
To view Repair pricing 2021 web click here.


  1. Click the image of the form to view the printable, full-size form.
  2. Print out the page and fill out the necessary information.