Dental Handpiece Repair

We Repair All Dental Handpieces

The Dentist’s Choice is your go-to for dental handpiece repair. We are recognized as the largest network and the most definitive source for handpiece expertise in the nation. Any handpiece, any model, any problem, high speed or low speed — we can repair it. We retain a huge inventory of products and parts, and only premium components are ever used to keep your handpiece running longer. The Dentist’s Choice provides you with the confidence of working with one local supplier for all your handpiece needs.

Same Day Service
Quality Guarantee
Our Dental Handpiece Repair Services
  • Highspeed Handpiece Overhauls and Turbine Replacements
  • Lowspeed Handpiece Overhauls
  • Electric Attachment Overhauls and Turbine Replacements
  • Star Lube-Free Repairs
  • Chuck Concentricity Test
  • New and Refurbished Handpieces Available
  • High Quality Parts
Overhaul Includes
  • New Bearings
  • New O-rings
  • End Gasket Replacement
  • Lubrication of Bearings
  • Chuck Concentricity Test
  • Testing Under Load
  • Handpiece Head and Back Cap Cleaning
  • Chip Air and Water Line Cleaning
  • Polishing of Exterior Shell
Excellent Warranty

All handpieces are repaired to manufacture specifications. We offer a 3-12 month warranty and OEM parts are available upon request. The length of the warranty depends upon the service and repair of the handpiece. We will provide warranty options when you receive your estimate

The Repair Process

Step One

Use our prepaid shipping label to send us the dental handpieces that need repair. Pickup may also be available.

Step Two

Our expert repair specialists will fix the handpieces using high quality parts. After repair, the handpieces are tested and cleaned.

Step Three

We quickly send your handpieces back to you -- as good as new!

We Repair All Dental Handpieces

The cost of dental handpiece repair services varies between different repair types and handpiece models. To find your specific cost, take a look at our pricing brochures below and locate the service that you need.

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Repair Pricing

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Electric & Air Driven Handpiece Repair

We repair all dental handpieces, including every model and every type. Our team of experienced technicians frequently repair both electric dental handpieces, as well as air driven handpieces.

Electric Dental Handpieces

If you've got an electric handpiece, we also provide electric dental handpiece repair and servicing. Give us a call, we can fix it for you! We know your handpiece is expensive, so our technicians are quick, efficient, and careful.

Air Driven Dental Handpieces

Air driven handpieces have been around for decades - and we've been repairing them for just as long! Our expert technicians have years of experience with these handpieces, so you can count on us.